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Our Strategy

Our organization has successfully planted small churches which have become important pillars in their neighborhoods. We believe that churches should continue to plant churches, thus creating an atmosphere of substantial community transformation.

Image by Jack Sharp

Church Support

Our  churches are unique to the needs and culture of their respective communities. Our church leaders are trained and coached to continue to plant churches. It is our desire to see Evangelical churches in every community. Since many do not have the means to drive to church a few times a week, keeping the churches within the community ensures the attendance and participation of the members.

Hope Mountain

The Hope Mountain Project-We are determined to create a safe place where brokenness meets healing. Mission teams, campers and all types hurting individuals find peace and restoration here.  

Hope Mountain Picture.jpg
Vida en Cristo Tab.jpg

Education & Outreach

We’d love for you to work alongside us right here in the Dominican Republic as we build people up through education and outreach! 

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